Nagasaku sensei visit

Nagasaku sensei from Japan paid a visit to our dojo last Tuesday.


He was a hit with the kids.

I learned the following advice from him:

When doing kendo:
1. Since we can only do kendo with an opponent we must always respect each other. We must help each other do better kendo.
2. “Eye to eye”. Always look your opponent in the eye.
3. “Left hand always center”.
4. Power comes from left foot up thru hips, up thru the back thru left arm and then wrist.
5. In kirikaeshi open up chest and hit with back.
6. “Kihon is keiko and keiko is kihon”. To expand further: kihon = keiko = shiai = shinsa. Everything is practice.
7. Maintain the intensity throughout practice, keiko.
8. Do not give up kendo.