GoPro Sportman’s Mount

I’ve had the GoPro Sportman’s mount for about a year now and just opened the packaging.

I’ve been exploring different ways of mounting the GoPro for kendo and look forward to trying this mount during keiko someday soon.

The mount comes with an adjustable clamp and different back doors designed to snap on your existing case. It can be mounted above, below and to the side.

I tried attaching it to the shinai above where the tsuba would be but this just compressed the bamboo staves and did not produce a secure mount. So I settled for just below the tsuba area.

The camera can be mounted facing forward or facing backward and should create some interesting camera angles.

The clamp can take from diameters of 0.4 to 0.9 inches, so it should be able to mount to bokuto as well as shinai.

Can’t wait to try.


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