Hello world!

this is my first year of kendo since march. and i hope to be doing this for some years to come.

what i hope to achieve with this website is to share some kendo musings (from a kendo noob) and perhaps sell some kendo apparel that i would (you would) have wanted to wear, but haven’t been able to find (you can only wear so many dragon, chibi-kendo and calligraphy designs). rather than making one-offs, i’ll be releasing limited runs of shirts, that way i can pay for my shirt and you can add a nice one to your wardrobe that you wouldn’t mind being caught outside the dojo with.

for now the shirts will be available to the u.s. and canada only until i can get comfortable with the shopping cart plugin.

ps- i’ve been privileged to be able to practice at butokuden in irvine, ca. if you are visiting southern california, please check it out.

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