What to do with an extra zekken

So my original zekken acquired a hole, so I had to purchase another.

However, I purchased an adult regular size instead of “fat kenshi” (XL) size, so I ended up with an extra zekken. By the way, if you are looking for a replacement or extra zekken E-bogu has a good quality zekkens in a variety of different fonts.

So what to do?

Well, I have all this empty space in my office at work, so I decided to display it on my wall.

Michael’s sells an assortment of shadow boxes, and right now they are on sale by one get one free. I purchased this one:

The back part of the shadow box is felt-covered cardboard and comes with four stick pins.

I cut the elastic band so that the zekken would lay more or less flat, centered the zekken and buried the stick pins into the zekken and the felt board so that they were not visible.

Replaced the backboard into the frame and “voila!”, conversation piece on my office wall.

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