Park sensei executing tsuki

So the GoPro mount turned out to be a better success than I thought.

The problem was trying to convince people to do their regular kendo and not worry about damaging the camera. It’s a GoPro ppl!!!

Some understood and would have happily tsuki-ed me all night long until I had to motion to yamae (I’m talking about you, Simeon and Okura sensei) but others were very timid and ended up just tapping the camera with the tip of the shinai.


The new backpack mount works great as a tsuki mount for GoPro.

It didn’t fall off.



It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a GoPro video.

Previously I used the GoPro vented helmet strap to mount the camera to the tsuki flap. However, the strap has these dangly bits and isn’t very secure.

This last weekend I was browsing Amazon for GoPro mounts and I came across this one:


It’s a velcro strap for backpacks.

The inner surface is textured and supposed to be “anti-slip”.

Here it is wrapped around the tsuki flap with the velcro parts between the flap and the protector beneath the tsuki flap.

Using the included J adaptor, the GoPro can be adjusted to be level.

We’ll see how it goes at practice tomorrow.