Tying tsuru to sakigawa

last practice i noticed the leather on the tip of my shinai was wearing out…most likely due to hitting the mengane.IMAG1013

so i had to learn how to replace the sakigawa and tsuru.

i studied this diagram:

from kenshi247.

and this video:

starts about 2:49.

Replacing Do yoko chichigawa

i’ve been wanting to change the leather loops (chichigawa) on my Do since my first exam last year when i almost had a wardrobe malfunction. luckily it was at the end of the test before one of the loops came loose.

i put it off because it seemed to be such a chore, but after doing it once, it’s really not so bad.

note: the ends of the loop are held in by tension. it is important that you tighten each of the four ends separately and that you leave enough of the ends after trimming so that they do not slip out of the knot.

i got my replacement chichigawa at ebogu.com which comes with tapered/precut ends.